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Have You Tried L'Bri?

If you are looking for products that a gentle for your skin and hair, or are more natural to use around you home, then you should definitely try the products from L'Bri. Using Aloe Vera rather than alcohol means their skincare products aren't as drying for your skin, especially as winter is approaching.

I began using these after a high school friend introduced them to me, and I've been using them ever since. Since they have fragrance-free options on many of their products, I can use them around my husband, too. He has sinus troubles which are aggravated by a lot of scents.

What's my favorite? The Intense Body Butter. And my favorite scent, aside from fragrance-free, is the Mandarin Fig. I also use their Super Aloe muscle rub when I overdo on the walking or lifting. And let's not forget the Rejuvenating Foot Cream!

Along with skincare, they also have a line of hair care, makeup, and household cleaning items.

Not sure?

You can order samples to give them a try first, instead of having to order a whole bottle of something you may not like. Monthly and holiday sales help you save, too.

Haven't tried L'Bri? Go on over and have a look. And check out the specials. The November specials are coming up and the Holiday Gift Collection is available!



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